Formcove System

Putting Award-Winning Innovation To Work for YOU

The seam where your wall meets your floor can be a high-risk connection, harboring dirt, bacteria, moisture, and grime. It’s nearly impossible to clean!

Our unique Formcove system, installed by the experts here at Floor Coatings by Lancaster Painting, completely eliminates the risk. Whether you have a commercial facility or just an active garage, we can turn that harsh seam into a smooth, easy-to-clean curve.


An Award-Winning, Custom-Built Cove Base Solution

Rather than deal with sub-standard vinyl or rubber pieces and messy adhesives, we developed a unique system that simplifies the installation process. In fact, the Formcove system earned the 2015 Most Innovative Products Award from World of Concrete!

Here’s a look at the benefits and installation process:

  • The Formcove product is mixed on-site, applied with a cove trowel, and will be installed by our certified, expert team. This guarantees a secure fit and perfect adhesion.

  • We can combine the Formcove system with any of our other flooring options - the match will be 100% true!

  • Quick installation! In fact, the system cures in just 30 minutes, allowing us to complete your entire project in as little as 1 day!

  • We’ve got you covered! Our systems are backed by a lifetime warranty, as well as a 15-year product warranty on residential applications.